Youth and sport

  • It is an official recognition issued by the state.
  • It recognises and accredits structures that commit themselves to supervising and leading youth activities.

Our leisure commitments for young people 

Our centre is proudly committed to being a major player in youth and sport.  We are a Youth and Sport accredited organisation, dedicated to providing young people with opportunities to develop through challenging sporting activities.

As a youth organisation, we support young people in their personal development and growth.. We offer a wide range of sporting activities for different ages and experience levels. Our team of qualified staff strive to provide a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.

Our centre is committed to supporting young people on their sporting journey and providing them with positive and formative experiences. We believe that sport is a powerful vehicle for learning, socialising and developing values that are essential for their future.

In collaboration with the Cercle Nautique de Mimizan, we offer stays focused on water sports, adapted to enthusiasts and lovers of youth and sport.

Our goal is to offer enriching experiences and unique adventures to young people.

Thanks to our collaboration with Le Cercle Nautique we can combine our pedagogical and sporting expertise.

Thanks to this collaboration, young people will have the chance to discover the joys of sailing, paddling, kayaking, rowing and other water sports activities and to push their limits in a safe and stimulating environment.

Young people will be able to connect with nature, build confidence, strengthen their team spirit and create lasting bonds with other water sports enthusiasts.


Lac & Océan Mimizan


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