Do you represent an organisation, a group, a works council, a school or a sports club? Our team is here to help you organise your stay.

Excursions, shuttle service, trips….we offer several means of transport to suit your needs.

Please consult :


Transport during your stay

The « Lac et Océan » Centre takes care of all your transport needs during your stay :

  • Transfert sur les lieux d'activités

    Transfer to activity site

  • Navette Lac-Plage

    Lake-Beach shuttle service

  • transfert vers les gares/aéroports

    Transfer to local railway stations and airports (Morcenx, Labouheyre, Bordeaux)

  • Excursions

    Day trips, for example to the largest sand dune in Europe, the Dune de Pyla, the Arcachon Basin, the Eco-museum at Marquèze, the Bordeaux vineyards and so on

As mentioned in the “Leisure and Tourism” section, we provide a free shuttle service between the accommodation centre and the training base for the majority of activities we offer.

Equally, if you are coming as part of a sports club, we provide free transport (limited to two return trips per day and within a radius of 10km) between the accommodation and your respective training sites (swimming pool, stadium, beach, lake, etc)

In partnership with the Tourist Office, we also offer a price for full board including a daily transport tariff for school groups.

Additional Transport information

We remind you that :

The « Lac et Océan » Centre assumes full responsibility as a transport-provider, as set out in the Highway Code Article R412-2 et R412-3 and obeying rules for public transport vehicles.

De son côté, le directeur de séjour ou responsable du groupe s’engage à fournir à bord des véhicules :

The group leader must provide :

  • For young people travelling by coach :

    A list of names of those people travelling, with their dates of birth (see example in Annex 1). This information must be given to the driver by the group leader.

For young people travelling by minibus :

  • For young people travelling by minibus

    A signed copy of the rental contract (available at the Centre’s reception)

  • Transport de mineurs en minibus

    The membership card for Cercle Nautique (available at the Centre’s reception)

The group leader must also provide a Declaration of Employment, in the case of the designated driver being an employee of the structure (who should have at least three years’ driving experience).







Watersports activities

Watersports activities




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Cercle Nautique Mimizan

Découvrez nos clubs Aviron et Voile, ouverts à l'année, affiliés à leurs fédérations respectives (FFA et FFV) ainsi que les activités nautiques estivales: Canoë, Stand Up Paddle, Bateaux électriques, Descente de rivière etc... 

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